martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

EA CEO John Riccitiello dimite

Unos pensaran que es una gran noticia, a mi me parece que después del fiasco de simcity 5 tenia que rodar la cabeza de alguien simplemente. Pero lo mejor del dia han sido los tweets y en reddit al respecto que sinceramente me han apetecido compartir (aviso que muchas son de humor bastante nerd respecto a videojuegos, DRMs y politicas empresariales de EA en sus videojuegos, que si no sabes a que se refieren, pues no va a tener puta gracia, y aun asi es posible que no la tengan :p).

EA's CEO taken offline due to server issues.

EA disabling certain critical futures to ensure smooth operation.

Riccitiello takes a deep breath before continuing. "It was... it was the forums, actually," he says. "Those forum posters helped me realize"

John Riccitiello: 'Can I at least keep my EA pen?' 'Well technically John, it's not YOUR pen. It's a service we provided, so... no.'

John Riccitiello is the best release of the year.

Pretend you're the next CEO, the board of directors gives you a three-year window to increase revenues substantially.
What do you do?

New version of Madden every month!

Lego Madden Xtreme: Star Wars vs Dinosaurs

What is this? 2005? Throw in some zombies

What is this, 2010? Throw in some washed out colors.

Who cares about blue, it's time for some ultraviolet filters...

i weep for the day our games come with instagram filters

SimCity already has them.

Step 1) Negotiate absolutely absurd contract for myself. Massive salary, perks up the ass (I want my fucking groceries paid for out of the company accounts), stock options but still huge cash bonuses barely tied to performance, and a massive golden parachute. In addition, my first order of business will be to eviscerate the executive group and hire mostly yes-men loyal only to me.
Step 2) Slash development budgets right off. Find all the highest paid guys you can and fire them immediately for people right out of college and hire them on a contingent basis with no benefits.
Step 3) Slash testing budgets. Waste of time. That's what patches are for.
Step 4) Increase marketing budgets. Gonna need more slicksters to sell our even stinkier shit.
Step 5) Buy more studios. Especially ones with thriving indie brands that we can suck the life in addition to profit out of.
Step 6) Focus on franchises and proven IP, nearly never approve anything experimental or original.
Step 7) Reduce game life-cycle times. Shut down servers nearly as soon as the sequel comes out.
Step 8) Start selling tiered server access for online games. "Gold" and "Platinum" Origin accounts that give you higher priority in game servers.
Step 9) Reduce the number of game servers to encourage tiered access sales.
Step 10) $$$$$$$$

Hi, I work for EA HR. We'd like a copy of your CV please. No need for a cover letter, this post will suffice.

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